Friction Reduction / Metallic Coatings


We apply functional Metal Coatings to almost any material using Ion Plating / Vacuum Coating technology.

Industry Leader in PVD Metallic Coatings for Anti-Galling and other uses

We've become an acknowledged leader in the ion plating (vacuum coating) application of single layer, multi-layer and alloyed metal coatings—providing a permanent solution in combating wear, friction and galling, esp. in CRA materials(stainless steel). Our coatings can also add conductivity, reflectivity and electromagnetic shielding.

Our Patented Process - Thickfilm®

We invented and patented our own unique coating process, Thickfilm®, resulting in a more uniform metal coating for metal, plastic, ceramic, glass and paper surfaces. While Thickfilm™ enhances functional properties, its thin coating does not affect machining tolerances or manufacturing specifications, keeping you from re-engineering parts and systems.

Why You Should Choose Flexbrite

Flexbrite applies numerous metal coatings, each matched to your materials to provide the desired physical properties including reduced friction, longer part life, better sealing and enhanced smoothness with no adverse environmental impact. Additional properties can include reflectivity in various light wave spectrums, conductivity and electromagnetic shielding. The coating integrates with the topmost material layer to create an enhanced integrated surface that will not chip, crack, flake or peel. Our vacuum chamber is 14 feet long and 4 feet in diameter allowing us to process objects up to 10 feet long with an aggregate weight as much as several 100 pounds! The large number of coating material evaporation sources within the chamber ensures a perfectly even coating every time and allows us to coat multiple dissimilar layers on a single item without removing it from the chamber. Baker Oil Tool has been using our services for many years.

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