Turbine and Flow Meters

Turbine meters are critical devices for producing results for a wide range of flow data. It is essential that this data be dependable, accurate and repeatable. The difficulty in producing consistent results is due primarily to the deterioration of flow meter components such as bearings, shafts and rotors.

Vein from a flow meterAssembled Flow Meter

Not to worry—Flexbrite has your solution. By ion plating components, we ensure the longevity of the parts as our coatings protect against friction—resulting in less wear, smooth flow and repeatability.

Let's look at one of our real-world examples. One of our customers faced severe reliability issues with their flow meters as its tungsten carbide bearings failed after three short weeks. After calling us, our seasoned engineers ion plated the bearings and returned them to service. The results proved our coatings caused the older coated meter to meet or exceed the performance a brand new meter and lasted 14 months (20 times longer than the original). Since this initial process, our customer asked Flexbrite to rework all existing meter systems and coat even their new meters.

Teflon vs. Thickfilm® Results

Flexbrite's ion plated coating easily outperforms a new Teflon coated meter placed in the same position and in the same pipeline.

Teflon vs. Thickfilm