Reflective Coatings

FlexBrite applies reflective coatings to optical components requiring a low-signal-loss reflective finish—maintaining structural and optical properties in the near-infrared and visible light ranges. We can deposit these coatings on metals, glass, plastics and other surfaces, providing up to a 99% signal return in some ranges.

Prior to coating, we thoroughly clean and inspect each optical element to ensure proper adhesion of the films during the coating process. Our high-filtration clean room ensures minimal particle contamination of the surface and the coating.

Our Thickfilm® metal deposition process provides excellent adhesion on glass and metal, and only nominally affects machining or polishing of the surface.

Additional Protective Coatings

We can overlay coatings with a variety of protective materials, subsequently varying affects on the overall reflectivity and resistance to surface marring. Some protective coatings are applied in the vacuum chamber immediately after the first coating without exposure of the newly applied reflective layer to the external atmosphere.

To see how Flexbrite's metal deposition anti-reflective coating process compares to standards, refer to the following chart.