Shielding and Conductive Coatings

We can make virtually any surface conductive with our specialized coatings

More Necessary Than Ever

At Flexbrite, we realize that virtually everything today is connected. We also realize that coatings having electrical properties are not only a necessity, but also a requirement. This is why we offer functional metal coatings, protecting your products against radiated electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electrostatic discharge—adding conductivity and reducing catastrophic events.

Durable and Effective

By vacuum depositing metal coatings onto substrates in our high-filtration clean room or open shop environment, our experts ensure that a uniform, durable coating is applied to every surface type (e.g., metal, glass, ceramic, plastic, paper). Each coating is designed to keep your electronic device from interfering with others and other devices from interfering with yours.

Our metallic coatings also serve to make non-metallic materials conductive—allowing them to shield and reflect radiated interference.