Valves, Valve Stems and Seals

Protection of valves and seals where movement is required must be resistant to friction or abrasion. Otherwise, valve or seal areas may not move fluidly and greatly impair its performance.

Coated Valve StemsValve stems with coated backface of head

Using Flexbrite's Thickfilm® process, a homogeneous coating is applied along valve, valve stem and seal surfaces that are both smooth and uniform — reducing friction, improving metal-to-metal seal reliability, and increasing longevity and durability of the parts. Packing life is also extended because of reduced friction between the packing and valve stem.

Because our coatings reduce friction and because we target key areas, our coatings can also lower horsepower requirements (electric, hydraulic or pneumatic) necessary to control valves. This reduces energy consumption while decreasing costs needed for higher power requirements.