Engine Components

Small engine, motorcycle, and automotive engine and drive train components

Assembled Flow MeterVein from a flow meter

Flexbrite provides functional coatings for high performance engines and transmissions, solving the problems of wear, heat and friction. Our coatings improve the performance and/or durability of high performance parts, while also increasing the life of engine components and reducing rebuilding costs.

Simply stated, Flexbrite's coatings reduce friction among engine and transmission components. When you reduce friction, you produce more power and engine parts last longer.

Reducing friction also reduces temperatures, increasing power, and therefore torque. And we can back it up as we have repeatedly performed computerized dyno testing on Thickfilm-coated parts showing increased torque on every occasion.

Other threaded, sliding, rotating or friction bearing components outside the engine can also benefit from our process.

Why wait—enhance your engines today to achieve high-performance results!