About Flexbrite

We take pride in every job we do and welcome the opportunity to provide our functional metal coating services for you!

Flexbrite's team of engineers, scientists and technicians deliver the most complete and effective thin film metal coating solutions for any industrial product.

Flexbrite's patented Thickfilm™ process is specialized for industry-wide precision plating applications such as: petroleum well tooling and subcomponents, threaded connections, sealing surfaces, sliding surfaces, refinery tools and equipment, valves, electronics, automotive mechanical parts, machine components, industrial reflective materials and friction bearing surfaces. The reason we can serve so many industries is due to the diverse characteristics of the coatings we apply.

Since our founding in 1979, Flexbrite's customized ion plating (vacuum coating) processes, consistently satisfies end user requirements including anti-galling , wear and friction reduction, RF shielding, electrical conductivity, IR light reflectance and metal-to-metal seals.

You can rely on us for the most advanced metal plating solutions because we provide honest answers, exceptional quality, and consistently repeatable performance. Our knowledgeable engineers will quickly respond to your needs .

Flexbrite is located in Houston, TX.

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