Anti-Wear / Anti-Friction Coatings

We can reduce galling,friction and wearing on your connections and machine parts with our specialized coatings

Protect Your Investment

Flexbrite knows how destructive friction, galling and wear can be on critical parts and equipment, especially Corrosion Resistant Alloys. That's why our friction-reducing/anti-galling coatings can prolong the life of your equipment saving you money and alleviating premature failure. We have established a long, successful record in the oil tool and valve market for reducing galling failures and preventing downtime in petroleum well, pipeline fixtures, valves and refinery applications.

By vacuum depositing our metal coatings onto your substrates, we offer a method to make threaded, rolling, sliding or rotating machine parts more efficient and long-lasting. In fact, extensive friction reduction on some components can reduce thermal buildup and even provide greater efficiency and improved performance, while reduced wear promotes longevity.

Extremely Versatile

Our durable coatings adhere to many kinds of substrates, including metal and plastics, producing a smooth surface and a uniform coating. By offering these diverse solutions, these coating types can serve numerous industries.

Most any type of metal-to-metal interfaces can benefit from Flexbrite's patented Thickfilm® process.