Flow Controls

Optimize performance, minimize wear and increase service life with Thickfilm-coated flow control parts.

Offshore Rig

Occasional movement is required for reciprocating parts of a flow control system. To maintain reliable and durable components, count on Flexbrite and our unique Thickfilm® coating process. By vacuum depositing anti-friction coatings to key areas of a part (e.g., pistons, actuators), you can reliably expect your system components to run smoothly.

Whether we apply our coatings to pneumatic, electronic, or hydraulic systems, be assured that it will reduce friction that may inhibit movement. When your parts are moving freely, your system requires less horsepower— maximizing power while saving you money. Using our coatings will reduce downtime due to friction related failures.

If your system is in a hostile environment, our coatings will also provide an added benefit — slowing down corrosive scale growth thus extending production time and maximizing part life.

When you need a reliable coating solution, Flexbrite has the answers.