Baker Oil Tools and BAKERTRON®

In addition to providing Baker Oil Tools with our Thickfilm™ process Flexbrite is the exclusive worldwide provider to coat selected products for Baker Oil Tools (Baker Hughes) using Baker’s proprietary BAKERTRON® ion plating process. Since 1986 we have been coating various Baker Hughes components and have been acknowledged as a preferred vendor by them for our excellent performance, outstanding service and flawless quality.

"The threat of galling is further reduced by coating critical metallic components with proprietary surface treatments. This ensures that the sleeve will be redressable in the future, even when ordered in CRA materials. High nickel alloys are coated with Baker Oil Tools' BAKERTRON® ion plating process." - Excerpted in 2004 from Baker Hughes web site].

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Baker Oil 1 Baker Oil 2
Flow controls coated with one of several BAKERTRON® coatings applied by Flexbrite

* BAKERTRON® is a registered trademark of Baker Hughes Incorporated